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The Advanced Business Certificate is awarded to a candidate who obtains at least a pass in a subject offered in the examination. A certificate is awarded for each subject passed.



The Advanced Business Certificate Examination is available to School Candidates as well as candidates who study privately towards the examination.
Candidates who have obtained passes in the relevant subjects at the GCE ‘O’ Level/SSSCE/WASSCE/General Business Certificate/Royal Society of Arts Stage II/London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Stage II Level may be considered as eligible candidates for the examination.

Period of the Examination

The ABCE is taken in May/June each year for both Single Subject and Group Entry.

Entry for the Examination

The entry period is December to February and it lasts for three months. School authorities are expected to register their candidates and upload their entry data on- line. Other details of the entry procedure are provided in Notes for the Guidance of Schools which are supplied together with the entry documents.
Registration is strictly online for private candidates. Candidates can obtain more information on how to register for the examination at

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