Nursery 1



The Kindergarten Curriculum is aimed at developing individuals who are literate, good problem solvers, have the ability to think creatively and have both the confidence and
competence to participate fully in Ghanaian society as responsible local and global citizens.

The overriding aim for the KG integrated thematic curriculum is to promote early literacy and numeracy as well as the requisite social skills that equip
young learners with effective foundational language, literacy and numeracy to enable them:
1. Acquire the six essential skills in language and literacy (phonemic awareness, concept of print, alphabetic knowledge and phonics, vocabulary,
comprehension, fluency) and use them effectively in their everyday reading and writing activities, i.e. to communicate orally, and read fluently with
understanding in both the Ghanaian languages and English and also be able to write.
2. Acquire the basic skills that will assist them decode print thereby creating love for reading and writing
3. Develop essential numeracy (counting, basic number operations, shapes, data collection etc.), generic and analytical skills that would enable them to
solve their everyday mathematical problems
4. Develop the appropriate socio-cultural interactive skills that will assist them communicate knowing what to say to who, how to say it and when to
say it.
5. Develop the spirit of curiosity, creativity, innovation and critical thinking for understanding and developing themselves, their local and global
6. Develop the awareness of the effective use of ICT e.g. (digital literacies, be interested in watching appropriate videos etc.)
7. Develop effective psychosocial skills for long term learning that would enable them to have a smooth transition in education in later years.

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